Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I probably shouldn't be writing a post today because I'm in a foul mood and shouldn't subject anyone else to it, but here goes.

Does anyone else ever feel like just getting in their car and driving away from their life for awhile? When things start to get ugly, my friend and I often joke about running away to Mexico together and having a Corona commercial moment where we ceremoniously throw our cell phones into the ocean. I'm in that kind of mood. In fact, if I had enough in the bank, I might be laying on the beach right now sans cell phone. But I know all of my problems would still be waiting for me when that plane touched back down.

Usually I am able to cope with my frustrations through prayer and hearing what God has to say. But lately I haven't been able to hear Him. The worse things get, the more I pray, and I'm still just as clueless as ever. Maybe I think that by getting away from all distractions, I could finally hear what He's saying to me.

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