Monday, February 11, 2008

sore back

It seems like I am perpetually loaded down like a pack mule - no matter where I go.

Most people at my office are walking in the door empty-handed. I walk in balancing a purse, a camera case, a notebook, a McDonald's bag, a drink and an extra set of keys...all the while gingerly wobbling on heels in the 45-degree-angled parking lot.

When I come home and walk in the door, I'm usually carrying the purse, the keys, the notebook, maybe some groceries, sometimes dinner for two in a sack, a couple of drinks...and I'm still in heels.

Even at the gym, where you're supposed to be empty-handed, I walk in with my phone, both sets of keys, my IPod, and my hoodie.

Maybe I need to consolidate...or maybe this is just a sign that I am a little too much of a multitasker.

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