Monday, December 17, 2007


For some reason, I get really bothered by idiosyncrasies. I realize that I'm more perceptive than some; that comes in handy when you're a writer. But I think I tend to take it to another level.

While working on my laptop at a coffee shop this weekend, I was sitting next to an older guy who was about to drive me out of my mind. While most people might be able to tune him out, I was aware of how heavy he was breathing, how he made a random humming sound once every 15 seconds, and how every time he took a sip of his coffee, he said "Ahhhh!" as if it was the most refreshing sip of coffee he had ever experienced. When he finally packed up and left, I got some peace of mind...that is until a gum-popping girl started chatting with the guy behind the counter and, like, used the word like, like, every other, like, word.

This hyper-sensitivity isn't limited to coffee shops. I am annoyed at work on a regular basis. There's one coworker who clears his throat every 30 seconds, one whose ring tone is the same as mine, three who laugh like hyenas, and four whose phone voice is so loud that they might as well come sit in my office while they have the conversation.

Geez I haven't even touched word pronunciation and obnoxious phrases yet. I'll spare you that, but just know to never use the phrase "let me pick your brain" in my presence.

Yes, I realize I have a problem.


kelsbog said...

I adore you.

Anonymous said...

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- David