Saturday, January 5, 2008


Maybe I should give up on the coffee shop thing because, for some reason, today I'm attracting toddlers. When I got here about 45 minutes ago, there was hardly a soul in here. Now, I am surrounded by three families with four active toddlers. And I didn't even pray for patience today.
Maybe some people can write an article to the sounds of screeching, but I am not one of them. Maybe I should've borrowed hubby's noise-cancelling headphones. I realize that I have a quiet house to work in, but is it so wrong to want to leave the house?
Ah the fun continues. Now Chubby Girl Reading Tabloids on the Couch is having a phone conversation with her ex-boyfriend about his web of lies. And two giggly college girls are busy critiquing brides in wedding magazines and chatting about the latest episode of "Girls Next Door". Now one girls' cell phone is going off. It's her mother calling to discuss things she accidently left at home during Christmas break. No I didn't even see the James Avery box, mom! Suddenly the toddlers don't seem quite so annoying.

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