Friday, March 7, 2008

random crap

Y'all, it's snowing. That happens like once every ten years here. But as I was leaving for work this morning and realized that I had no idea how cold or wet it was outside, it made me really thankful. If you have such warm, well-insulated shelter that you had no idea it's been snowing, you are one of the lucky ones.

Okay, enough of that....

I think my blog needs pictures because people never really get over the childish need to have minimal words and lots of pictures. Maybe that'll get me Bloggessed again.

Here. Here's a picture I found awhile back of a real professor at Texas A&M. Why didn't I have this guy??? I bet the cat is named something fancy like "Professor Poppycock" and he carries him wherever he goes and says things like "Would the professor like a saucer of milk?" Meaning both himself and the cat, of course.

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