Thursday, March 6, 2008

return of creepy myspace guy

At the urging of several people, I deleted Creepy MySpace Guy (CMG) from my friends list last night. Since he has 613 friends, I figured he'd never even miss me. But, alas, I have underestimated the creepiness of CMG. This morning, when I logged on, there was a new message and friend request waiting for me! That's right...out of over 600 people, he noticed I was missing. Not only did he ask if he did something wrong, he gave me an itinerary of his weekend in case I wanted to hang out.

THEN I check my friend request. Surely it can't be. But it is. It's him. And attached to it is another message asking what went wrong.
My jaw was on the floor. I am completely thrown for a loop. And what's worse is that I actually felt a little guilty for disappointing a complete stranger.

Well done, CMG...well done.

1 comment:

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Just ignore him. Eventually he'll get it. Right?