Thursday, September 27, 2007


Last night at book club, we got on the subject of journals and writing down what you're thankful for. As much as I whine about my life, I thought that was a really good idea. After all, as nutty as it is, I have a pretty dang good life.

I complain about my squeaky, gas-guzzling SUV all the time. But it has never broken down (although the service engine light came on this morning, so that may change), it's only four years old, and it gets me where I'm going.

Although my house has been in half-remodeled limbo for a year (and I stood in Target staring at the Halloween decorations feeling sorry for myself the other night because I couldn't decorate for Halloween), at least I have a house! It doesn't even leak or have cracks in the foundation. And it's in a beautiful neighborhood. And even though our neighbors are snotty because they think we're renters, they're not trying to rob us or anything.

And what about my two jobs? I'm always complaining about how stressed I am because I have two jobs. But guess what - I have two jobs! And, in both cases, they sought me out because of my reputation and expertise. They wanted me and have bent over backwards to accommodate me. For the first several years out of college, I had to beg people to hire me. I need to remember that.

And then there's hubby. I'm crazy about hubby. And even if I don't always show it, I am thankful for him. Even though it's been a tough year and I don't see him much, he is working hard for the both of us. And guess what - on the list of things I wanted in a husband, ambition was one of them. So how can I complain about how ambitious he is? Would I rather have a husband that sits on the couch in his underwear eating cheese doodles and watching "Cops"? No. Plus, because of what I do in BOTH of my two jobs, I get to help him promote his business. So we help each other out.

So there you go. Just a few of the many things I have to be thankful for. Now maybe I should print this out and tape it to all the surfaces in my home, office, and car :)

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