Friday, October 26, 2007


Back in third grade, there was a girl I did everything with. After school, I'd go to her house and watch Punky Brewster and Beverly Hills Teens (yes, it's a real cartoon; look it up on YouTube). In fact, she may have been my first female best friend. She moved back to Mexico after that year, and we lost touch.

I never forgot about her, and I thought about her often. Then one day in college, I got an email asking if I went to X Elementary School in Y class. It was Melissa! She tracked me down! We did a lot of catching up and emailed back and forth a lot. We'd even talked about me coming to visit her in Mexico. Well, when I moved to another apartment that summer, I changed email addresses and forgot to take my address book with me. I lost her address!

Fast forward six years to this week. I had still thought about her over the years, and searched for her on MySpace and Facebook with no luck. I mean, for all I knew, she had gotten married and changed her name. Then I realized I hadn't done the simplest thing of all - I never Googled her! So that's just what I did. I came up with the lead singer of a rock band in Mexico. At first, I thought, "Nah, that couldn't be her. It's probably a stage name anyway." But the pictures looked like her, the town was the same town she had lived in six years ago, and when I saw her wearing an A&M hat, I knew it had to be her!

So I sent her a message asking what elementary school she went to. And I got back "HEEEEYYYY JENNIFER! I..M SO HAPPY TO READ YOU AGAIN, I..D SEARCHED ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND ALL I HAVE IS YOUR WEDDING PIC!!!!" Yay!!! I found her again and my former BFF is a rock star in Mexico! How cool is that??

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