Sunday, March 2, 2008

to creepy myspace guy

Dear Creepy MySpace Guy,

I appreciate the enthusiasm with which you've pursued a friendship with me. It's admirable that you'd want to be my BFF when you've never even met me, simply because you know the guy who is marrying a friend who I met through another friend. I accepted your friend request because of your seemingly normal "Hi, how's it going? I'm an Aggie too." But that was months ago. And although you initially recognized that I am a stranger...and a married one at that, you have since level-jumped your way to inviting me to tailgate parties, hanging out at The Chicken, and even attending the occasional house party...each time punctuating your messages with YEE HAWs, GIG EMs, and OOH DOGGIEs. You'd think that my utter silence in response to your messages would help you to realize my complete lack of interest in being your drinking buddy, but alas, you're oblivious. So aside from spelling it out for you in this post, how else can I make myself clear? Help me help you.



Tootsie Farklepants said...

Sounds like it's time to delete a friend.

Thanks for visiting my blog! So do you wanna go tailgate with me and then hit a sports bar on the way home? I kid..I kid...

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is hilarious. I would totally go to a tailgate with you :)

I'm slowly but surely getting more into the blog world, so I'm trying to find more to add to my blog roll. Problem is A) I have very high standards B) most of the blogs I like are mommy blogs...but I'm not a mommy.